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Which Pope Are you?

What's your Pontiff persona?
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Which Pope Are You?

Which Pope Are You?

Which Pope are you similar to? Get your answer:

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Which Pope Are You?

Pope Pius XI

You’re Pope Pius XI!

Like Pope Pius XI, you have many good ideas and try to make them happen. Pope Pius XI introduced the Vatican radio while also modernizing the Vatican library. You also enjoy trying new things like Pope Pius XI did too. Agree? Share!

You’re Pope St. Pius X!

Change is not your friend. Like Pope Pius X — who combated modernism at all costs — you are more traditional in nature. You might be called conservative, even. Do you agree? Share!

You’re Pope Benedict XV!

Let’s all get along. Like Pope Benedict, you can sometimes come across as a  “Prophet of Peace.” That’s a good thing. Pope Benedict intervened for peace during the World War I and continued to advocate for it. Do you agree? Share!

You’re Pope John Paul II!

You can’t stay in one place. Like Pope John Paul — who traveled extensively (visiting 129 countries) — you like to keep on the go. Pope John Paul II was quite popular, too. He drew crowds wherever he traveled. What about you? Are you often the life of the party? Share!

You're Pope Francis!

Like Pope Francis, you're open-minded and judge people for the good inside them. You're all about creating firsts too. Pope Francis is the first Pope from the southern hemisphere. He is also the first to express a more accepting tone on social issues. What other firsts do you and Pope Francis have in common? Share!